Biotz Fradua

She was born the 25th of May of 1968.

She started studying guitar when she was 4 years old. One year later she joined Jose Done School Tuna (musical group made up of students).
She started learning the accordion when she was 9, since then, she continues playing both instruments.

When she was 16, she decided to keep on with her music career; she gained the piano degree in the conservatory J.C.Arriaga of Bilbao. She also gained the proficiency music degree in the conservatory J. Guridi of Vitoria-Gasteiz.


She sang and played the piano in the chorus Bermeoko Abesbatza.


Apart from that, she started playing the organ in Prantzisko Deuna church of Bermeo. Nowadays, she still goes on playing there every

She was named conductor of Bermeoko Abesbatza when she was 22 and she remained until 1997.

She learned playing the clarinet in the Music School J.A. Egia of Bermeo with the teacher Oskar García. She usually plays this instrument for the fanfare “Bermeotarrak Fanfarrea”.

She wanted to go further in her studies, so that she specialized in conduction with Alberto Blancafort, in singing with María Falcó and in ancient music with Daniel Carranza.

She is music teacher and she conducts the children chorus in the school Eleizalde tar Luis ikastola of Bermeo since 1990.

In 1994, she founded Izaro Abesbatza with her sister Julene Fradua, being the conductor of the chorus since the beginning.


Nowadays, she keeps on doing courses to improve her knowledge.