The Choir

IZARO ABESBATZA was founded in 1994 by sisters Julene and Biotz Fradua. Firstly, it was composed only by white voices, but since 1995 the group has been formed by mixed voices. In spite of being a young choir, it has participated in a great deal of events, either in Basque Country or abroad, such as:


Concerts held with well known choirs, such as Biotz Alai and Sociedad Coral de Bilbao.

Concert offered with the Basque singer-songwriter Benito Lertxundi.

Concerts offered in Versalles (France) in September of 1995.

Concert offered in 1998 to mark the centenary of the city of Arrecife.

Concert offered in December of 1999 during the event organized by APNABI in the Music and Conference Hall Euskalduna.

Concerts offered in Puerto del Carmen and Teguise (Lanzarote). Some of them were offered with the singer-songwriter of Zornotza Mikel Urdangarin.

Concert offered in 2008 in Saint Climent de Llobregat (Barcelona).

Concert offered in 2008 with the organist Benantzi Bilbao on the occasion of the International Music Week of Bermeo.


In 2009, Izaro Abesbatza took part in the choir contest OH HAPPY DAY of the Basque channel ETB1. It got to the final, wining the third prize and the audience’s prize.

Apart from that, as far as culture is concerned, we can’t stand out other events. In the summer of 2000 a concert based on famous films soundtracks , such as, “Jesus Christ Superstar” (rock-opera), “The sound of music”, “Out of Africa” and “West side story” amongst others. For this show Izaro Orquestra was invited.


We can’t forget the Christmas Concerts that are held every year in the Church of San Francisco, where the repertoire is updated constantly.


It also takes part every year in the Middle Ages Festival Bermistorian, cheering up the streets with medieval songs.